LucidNYC is dedicated to discovering emerging innovations that will impact the world and exploring the thinking and processes of those who create them.


LucidNYC is an inspirational, informative, and popular salon series which introduces 125+ attendees per event to cutting edge projects by leading innovators across all fields. Lucid was developed to gain early insight into new trends and to track the pulse of cultural and technological change among early adopters and influencers.

We create intimate, social, fun, and inspiring live experiences which expose people to innovative ‘ideas-in-action’© which will shape the world in new ways. These live events are designed to encourage participants to cross social and professional silos, and facilitate ‘cross-pollination’ of ideas.

New York’s Leading Underground Salon For Discovery

Since 2009, over 5,000 of New York’s top influencers and thought-leaders have attended

Over 40 sold out Lucid events

Engaging, influential, and diverse crowd

Lounge-like social atmosphere ideal for learning and networking

More than 100 of New York’s most inspiring visionaries have presented

Select list of Presenters

Ayah B’deir (Founder of littlebits),
Jonathan Batiste (Band leader for Late Night with Stephen Colbert),
Andy Bichlbaum (The Yesmen),
Ji Lee (Former Creative Director at Google Creative Lab),
Dave Gallo (Director of Special Projects at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute),
Jason Silva (Techno-philosopher / Futurist and TV Host),
Chuck Hoberman (Artist/designer/engineer),
Gretchen Rubin (Author, The Happiness Project),
Jeff Hoffman (A co-founder and former CEO in the Priceline family of companies / ‘Serial Entrepreneur’),
Stuart Firestein (Chair of Biological Sciences at Columbia,author of ‘Ignorance’),
Seth Reiss (Head writer for, The Onion),
Scott Belsky (founder of Behance network and 99U),
Jonah Peretti (founder of Buzzfeed, Co-Founder of The Huffington Post),
Cindy Gallop (Founder of,
Dr. Martin Chalfie (Nobel laureate, for Chemistry)

What they say about us


LucidNYC is produced by Julian Lion Boxenbaum and an eclectic team of native New Yorkers and transplants.

Julian Lion Boxenbaum

An award winning designer, strategist, and educator with a history of developing innovative products, concepts, brands, and system solutions. He’s worked with start-ups and major international brands on a wide range of projects, resulting in creative new products, strategies, and user experiences which identify value opportunities and address the desires of end users and goals of clients. Julian’s taught and lectured at various institutinos, events, and universities, most recently at Carnegie Mellon’s Integrated Innovation Institute. He is a natural facilitator and connector who also thrives in the challenge of complex problems that don’t typically fit conventional thinking.

Ryan Drumwright

Probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. A chronically curious connector and community builder, Ryan embodies the spirit of Lucid. He started his career in brand planning and, when not helping with Lucid, has runs FRIPPN, a new talent consultancy that uses community development and events to help creative companies find and attract inspiring strategists in more interesting and meaningful ways.

Joseph Robertson

Lucid’s moral compass. When not helping Lucid, Joe is saving the world (yes, really) as theGlobal Strategy Director for the non-partisan non-profit Citizens’ Climate Lobby ( and leads the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network. He is the founder of the Geoversiv Foundation, which works on climate, peace and economics, to achieve a clean future of global abundance.

Ashwin Ramesh

Ashwin Ramesh is Lucid’s digital sorcerer. Equipped with all prerequisite experience in web, frontend, UX & UI development skills, Ashwin also brings an atypical user-centered approach towards developing new products and services. Ashwin graduated from Carnegie Mellon’s Integrated Innovation Institute in 2016.