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Dan Burkholder, iPhoneography Practices

10 March, 2014

Dan Burkholder was one of the first photographic artists to embrace digital technology in the early 1990’s. True to his love of the traditional photograph, Dan uses digital technology to build images that still look and feel like real photographs, not like something from a graphic designer’s portfolio. Melding his unique vision with mastery of both the wet and digital […]

Joseph Robertson, How Citizen Volunteers are Changing the Game on Climate Policy

16 February, 2014

Joseph Robertson is Strategic Coordinator for the non-partisan non-profit Citizens Climate Lobby. He was Citizens Climate Lobby’s first group leader in the northeast, and served as volunteer coordinator for New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is author of the 2010 report Building a Green Economy: On the Economics of Carbon Pricing & the Transition to Clean, […]

Jonathan Schnapp, Risk and Reward of Shuffleboard Entrepreneurship

18 February, 2014

A former professor at New York University’s Design and Digital Arts Department since 2001, Jonathan Schnapp was the founder and principal of the international web development firm, Schnapp Studio. Over the last 10 years, he has created dynamic interactive applications for companies like Web MD, Conde Naste, Viacom, L’Oreal, IBM and many more. In addition […]

Ray Lam on Chinese Health Methods

29 May, 2012

Eastern health methods specialist and long term disciple of master Chinese integrated Medical Doctors. Lam shares his unique perspective on the past and future of Chinese and allopathic medicine.