Inder Singh: Creating the World’s ‘Smartest’ Thermometer, Stop Outbreaks in Real-time

Inder Singh is the founder and CEO of Kinsa, a venture-backed startup creating the first real-time map of health, and formerly served as the Executive Vice President of the multi-national Clinton Foundation, Clinton Health Access Initiative [“CHAI”], a global not-for-profit organization fighting malaria and other diseases. Singh has become known for his worldwide presence actions for global health, particularly regarding malaria eradication and is credited with saving over $1 billion in drug costs for developing nations. More than 2.6 million HIV/AIDS patients have received drugs subsidized through CHAI, and more than 30 million malaria patients have received drugs produced at lower cost thanks to CHAI licensing deals.

Kinsa’s mission is to create the world’s first real-time map of human health to empower society with the information to track and stop the spread of disease. Kinsa gathers the data to map health using smartphone-connected sensors. It is produces an ultra-low-cost smartphone-connected thermometer. By combining a thermometer with a smartphone, Kinsa “turns a thermometer into a communication device” with people who have just fallen ill.

Inder holds three graduate degrees from Harvard and MIT and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan. He is a frequent quest lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of of Management and the MIT-Harvard Division of Health Sciences.


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