Dave Arnold: Molecular Gastronomy & The Perfect Gin & Tonic

Dave Arnold has a Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia and a passion for food technology and experimentation. In 2004, Arnold founded the Museum of Food and Drink in NY to promote learning about the history and culture of food. In 2005, The International Culinary Center, home of The French Culinary Institute, tapped him to head its new Culinary Technology Department.

Dave Arnold and Momofuku have partnered to create a new company called Booker and Dax which will create new equipment for use in the food sciences. Dave is also transforming Momofuku Sam Bar’s bar into a tech-heavy cocktail lounge.

Arnold has recently signed a book deal with Norton Publishing to explore the science behind cocktails, has been a contributing editor and writer for numerous food periodicals, has a popular foodie podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cooking-issues/id380317598 , and a leading critic and lecturer on all things food tech related.