Arthur Brutter, Earthquake-Proof Table

“At any given time, more than 300,000,000 pupils worldwide are facing impending danger since their schools are not build to withstand an earthquake.”

Arthur Brutter is an Industrial Designer creating tables that provide more than just a modern aesthetic on an IKEA showroom floor. Brutter was a student at the Bazalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, when he teamed up with then Senior Lecturer Ido Bruno to design the “Earthquake Proof Table” as a final project. After the completion of his studies, this project became a joint venture between Arthur, Ido, and Bazalel labs R&D. The concept of the “EPT” is designed for a range of buildings types and collapse scenarios, providing unparalleled safety for children beneath it, while also creating a viable passageway between tables for rescue team accessibility.

To date, the patent pending design has successfully withstood a series of rigorous vertical impact tests and is currently awaiting official approval of the world leading Structural Engineering department of Padua University, Italy. The MoMA board recently inducted the “Earthquake Proof Table” into the permanent collection at the department of architecture and design.